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‘Because you can regain a Full head of your own Natural Hair’ “You’ve got hair” says Florida based Donald DiIenno , MD, PA. ‘Because you can regain your own natural hair’. At the South Beaches Medical Center located in Clearwater, practices are devoted only to hair restoration of the hairline, Scalp and Eyebrows. “Hereditary hair loss, known as androgenic alopecia, results when DHT, a testosterone Derivative, attacks hair follicles causing miniaturization and pattern baldness, visit a hair loss specialist, early in the process to see what your choices are.”

  • A specialist with extensive experience.
  • Graduated Magna cum Laude from La Salle University and Jefferson Medical College, Philadelphia PA., Board Certified
  • A Leader in Microscopic Follicular Unit Grafting. This is the latest, state-of-the-art procedure available.
  • An aesthetically minded surgeon -one who can link Medicine and art.

Transplant technology has advanced dramatically in the last two years. You can now attain entirely natural results without the evidence of scarring. How? By moving hair from areas on the back of the head where there is an abundant, to balding spots using follicular unit micro-grafts and mini-grafts. Dr. DiIenno , say’s “We can do 2,000 to 2,500 grafts in one session, which equals 5,000 to 6,000 hairs.”

Hair restoration surgery is permanent, says Dr DiIenno . The procedure is performed in a custom comfortable chair while the patient is awake watching a feature film or television. The scalp is injected with a local anesthetic making the surgery “virtually painless” according to Dr.DiIenno. Any discomfort experienced from the sutures where the hair was harvested is usually treated with oral pain medication.

  • Quick recovery. Almost all patients are back to work in a day or so.
  • Gradual Hair Growth. Rather than overnight results. Transplanted hair starts to grow to a peach fuzz after surgery and grows in slowly over about ten months.
  • Scars hidden. Under fringe of lower back of head virtually almost invisible. Even your hair-stylist will not know unless you tell them.
  • No special care issues. Once hair grows in you can cut, color, perm or style it.

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